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What Is Fishbird?

A true story

We were standing in Times Square, bathing ourselves in neon and the warm night air. In less than 10 hours, we’d be starting Fishbird with one of the largest pharma companies in the world. One of us looked at our watch. The other took out his cell and gave our hotel a call.

A man at the front desk answered.

Could we check out the conference room we’d be in tomorrow morning?

No, he said. We couldn’t check out the room. It was too late and the conference rooms were already locked. And besides, our names weren’t on his security clearance list. Then he hung up.

We called again. A different man answered this time. Same answer.
So we started walking. The hotel was 30 minutes away on foot. It was a good night to walk.

We passed through the grand entrance doors a little before midnight. Past the man at the front desk, we found a sign pointing us toward the conference rooms. The hallway was cool and empty.

Every door to every conference room was wide open. We looked inside the room we’d be in for Fishbird.

We had access to everything.
We saw everything.

And when we finally slept, we imagined great things.

This is Fishbird.

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